Kids Fibre Art Workshop | 8 weeks of fun | Almost done

Kids Fibre Art Workshop | Almost Done

I’m the happiest when they become art.
Meet Daisy🌼 Who uses her materials in the most beautiful way❤️

This is her first time with me and I’m loving how she has joined the creative bandwagon super fast.

“As a teacher, I don’t teach them stitches by embroidering over straight lines. Because a creative individual can NEVER meet their authentic self within the lines”.

Threads and fabric are the softest and the safest channel to empower them, because whatever doesn’t work for them, can be undone. Also there is no right or wrong. I show them avenues to connect familiar mediums (drawing) to textiles (many are using a needle with me for the first time).

I know this one is will become an artist at some stage of her life❤️❤️ She transformed her piece after this picture into something else. Will share more next week as we finish up the 8 week spring session. Each participant has their own unique style. We begin the class with games and end on Oreos 🤪 because who said you can’t learn whilst having fun. Love, Amna Nawab
Summer registration opens today.
Classes start 23rd July - Tuesdays 4.45pm to 5.45 pm
Richvale CC - City of RH


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