My biggest test was in the name of Faith. Everything else came along with it.

Wearing “black” to grieve for the Ahelbayt is a common practice, especially at my “once marital home”. Despite meeting all standards, I was a misfit. I was thrown out of my family house because I wore a black shirt to mourn Imam Husayn A.S on 1st Muharram. Allegations, accusations, character assassination - everything else came as a consequence.

What seemed like a nightmare pained me, because it was reality. Standing under the scorching sun, I looked up towards the sky and asked Allah why? I had worn black for His Husayn. I cried begging Him for help and not sabr (patience) for the first time.

Everything collapsed. What remained was my Faith. Alhumdulillah

Grief doesn’t shrink overtime, we learn to grow around our grief. I talk about my past because it has chiseled me to be “me”.

Faith is my life jacket as I learn how to swim. I get told I survived because I have a family. It makes me smile because it is not biologically possible for anyone to arrive in this world without parents. You can loose your parents at birth, but there’s a lesson in this too. Allah is our custodian. Family, friends, partners are only ladders along the journey. I’m lucky to have a family that accepts me as a human before any other role chosen for me.

I assumed, I had everything back then. Now I have nothing but i know it’s everything. Figuring out a life after the collapse is my own responsibility. My Creator guides me to take baby steps through this new phase.

I’m delighted to create a commissioned embroidery that signifies “faith”. My experiences help me decipher what Allah wants me to know. I’m learning to stand on the debris of my past. My learnings help me tip toe towards the unknown.

I believe in miracles, only because I’ve lived through them. Watch closely and witness a miracle happen to you everyday.

Moral of the story:
Do not let anything/anyone dim your light. We are all in this independently. Be kind to whoever crosses your path. Work hard. And leave the rest to Allah. He loves you more than you love yourself.

Lots of love,
Amna Nawab

❤️Husayn is in ME and I am from Husayn❤️

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