Mothers are from Heaven❤️ | Created in the loving memory of Amira’s beautiful Ma 🥹❤️


My first meeting with Amira was at Khaadi in 2003 ❤️


We met again in much changed, we both were not the same, but everything was same to same!!


Before anything else, she told me that I had to create a commission for her and next minute she has the advance payment in her hand. Next she told me that she wanted something in aunty’s memory 🥹❤️.

That evening was hugs, laughter, tears, jokes, heart to hearts, stories of resilience, survival, trust - tales about breach of trust, learnings, wisdom and so much more…


Over the next few weeks Amira shared pieces of writing with me reminiscing her “Ma”. She shared details of her favourite things and my heart skipped a beat because we had so much in common. Aunty’s favourite perfume is Chloe and I’ve been wearing just that since the last 7 years.


I often wonder why I don’t get to meet my old friends, but now I understood that Allah will open that window just when I need it. It all funnelled down to gratitude.

This one is in the memory of aunty Parveen Jaffar❤️. She was strength, resilience and everything else in the kindest of ways.


I’ll explain more about the piece in another post but this is the best way for me to mark Mother’s Day (in advance). We want to call motherhood friendship so our kids can understand but please know that a Mother is only one and friends can be so many. I learnt that the hard way and I’m sure everyone reading this has a story to relate.


Here’s to friendships, mothers and women across the globe❤️. Amira - aunty lives through you 🥹.


Gratitude Changes Everything



Amna Nawab



















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