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We often associate home to an address. Previously, home to me was loyalty in people and places. 

Life tests you - I was tested with every single person/place I believed was “my home”. It took me years of healing to overcome loss. I’m grateful that Allah removed me from a toxic home and workplace that I believed was my identity.


In my darkest time, working with what I had, has been my biggest learning. We have all grown up eyeing the “moon” and lovingly called it “Chanda mama”. After I moved here, I would wait to spot the moon through my window each night - A constant visual of my Creator’s creativity. It looked stunning a few nights and then go into hiding as well.  My hands knew that I could recreate the Chaand Sitara, shining over my memories of home. This idea brought a smile to me, without personal attachments. 

Between knots and stitches, I began scribbling over thin pieces of wood. Colour and humour combined with my imagination. I embroidered a textured moon, glowing over small happy houses, smeared with truck art tag lines and whatever else I felt inclined towards. Many do not understand my methods, but I had reached a place within myself to not care about opinions. My hands and heart were operating on love and my only wish for this piece was to find a loving home that accepted my raw passion towards my happy doodles.

*And then Allah shows He is listening when you think He isn’t❤️

Cousins are your childhood best friends. Sabeen and I met only after a gap of 17 years and 8 kids (mashallah). Although, time didn’t create a gap. As she sat in my bedroom after all these years, it was just like old times. I poured my heart out and she sat there listening❤️. I’ll stop here.

She got back to Austin and messaged me that she wanted a piece for a big wall niche in their home. With reluctance, I shared photos of this piece with her, hating myself for not showing her my work in person.

*My dua for this piece finding a loving home came true. Allah listens ❤️ and sends love in the best of ways.

Here’s to healing and breaking personal barriers towards self love.


Moral of the story: No one can take away your home. Even if the heart is broken, it’s temporary! The heart break leads to an upgrade.


Sending you all love and healing,


Amna Nawab

P.S: I love the moon 

I pray that I can continue creating colours of  Chaand Sitara ❤️













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