How do I create - I do not know

How do I create - I do not know

My hands move just as He wants them

Allah loves me, more than I love myself.
He took me away from the good, because He wants to go have the best.

The bestest feeling is knowing that no human can be relied upon, but Allah. I don’t see Him but He is closer than my jugular vein.

This has been commissioned by a beautiful soul, who has seen me transition over the years and wanted me to create something in the name of Ahlebayt. Thank you so much Uzma Mohsin for empowering me to free myself yet again.

I’m over joyed as the Ahlebayt have held me together as I saw pieces of myself crumble - I helplessly witnessed the extent of being broken down.

My heart belongs to the Ahlebayt. I can go through this a thousand times again but I don’t think I have the strength.
I am Husayn❤️.

This piece is on its way to Karachi, Pakistan. I can’t be there but Allah is showing me ways of being home ❤️.

I’m truly humbled and in awe of the generous comments. Thank you for all the messages and DMs wanting to purchase this piece. Apologies, this isn’t up for sale - My heart is full of gratitude.

May you all find your best!
Lots of love,
Amna Nawab

Written on: 12th Nov 2021


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