I believe in miracles ❤️ Say Hello to Deer Veer

Celebratory post to celebrate Yusra TanVEER


There are times when I think I’m crazy. My crazy obsession is counselling  final year students at my home college. Thesis was the toughest time of my student life. I’ve felt the loneliness, in not knowing what I was meant to do. As a lost young woman, I made a promise to tell people one day if I knew what they should do in such a time. Whatever is meant for you, finds you - I

don’t advertise my crazy obsession, but the souls looking for answers in their thesis, find me. I also know that I need them more than they need me. My own low self esteem was the only cause of disruption in my life. Had been more self aware and accepting of myself, life would have been very different. Allah grants all “jaiz”

wishes. I made a promise to help students find themselves and Allah gave it to me as my own healing ❤️‍🩹.


Yusra Tanveer is my most special one. I taught her a workshop in 2nd year. Later, she chose me as her advisor for her Final Research Paper. Whilst we worked on the paper, one day with great reluctance, she shared a story with me. The star of the story was a “Deer”. My heart skipped a beat because her story resonated with my own. Yusra had no idea about me but the story, sounded like my own story of healing. And then I saw what happened - With all the beauty, self doubt took over Yusra. That’s when I knew, that my only role was to build trust in her story every single day. I didn’t see her work or talk about design - just a reassurance that her story would become her identity. She would laugh and say “miss you are so sweet but it doesn’t work this way”. I’d laugh and say you wait and watch. I’m not a fortune teller but I know that hard work and a story are the most lethal combination to success.


During this time, my art meditation directed me to draw a “Deer”. As I sketched her, I shared photos of my drawing with Yusra and told her that I’ll share the “deer” on my social media the day I know she passes with a distinction. Yusra laughed at her nutty teacher. We came up with a name for my print because it’s always fun to have fun.


My miracle happened.

When she called me and told me of her result, I screamed in joy. My happiness was followed by a rush of emotions. For the first time, I lost my composure in front of a student and cried…. Words fail me today…I didn’t know if I had to thank Allah or see how He was healing me through another younger version of me on the other side of the phone line.


My heart is sooo full. I congratulate all the graduating students this year. I’m immensely proud of my own “pack of graduates”,  I cry because they trusted me, when they don’t know where else to go. Only I know how broken I am, but they trusted me with their most important task. I don’t make sense.. nothing makes sense because I know I don’t know what Allah knows. Creativity is a language and my aim is to give the next generation a safe space to be who they are. I can write and write about this but I have to gather my thoughts.


The name of this print is “Deer Veer”.


Yusra Tanveer, I’m immensely proud of you. I can’t thank Allah for giving me love through my students. You all hold a very special place in my heart and you all know exactly who you are ❤️.


I’m the proudest Miss!!

It pains me that I can’t be there to see their work but I know Allah knows what I don’t know.


Wishing the graduating batch the best time ahead! Know that you are complete and the best, just as you are.


Love you all,

The proudy MISSSSSS ❤️













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