Meet Mitthu

I love birds❤️ I see them, I hear them and I find immense inspiration from them. As I set my intentions to dive deeper into my own heart, I pray that I find ways to do it as I understand. Big words and texts don’t really get ingrained in my system hence colour came to the rescue. How? Through the light upon light sessions with @humna_being .

What do I learn?
What you see is seeking you. I had never known of connecting faith to myself, but I was shown unknown ways.

They are most gentle in their chants to praise their Creator❤️ that’s how they start their day. The are tiny as compared to the rest of the world but self reliant and extremely independent. As they sleep in their nests, they know they are safe because their Creator will keep their home secure while they rest for the night.

How do I connect to this myself?
There’s so much going on, both outside and inside - and it’s a constant (and I’m grateful for it). Can I control anything? No! Have I tried? Ofcourse 😂 but some lessons are learnt the hard way. The patterns around the bird are making and breaking, yet the colour saves the pattern somehow. I often wonder why I can’t do contained designs and why am I a case exploding of mangoes? I try to contain but I can’t. Then comes the acceptance that this is me. Life will go on and I’ll keep exploding each time I draw and embroider.

I’m often asked if I plan how to use colour or patterns.
I was very structured and by the book 20 years ago and I couldn’t break away from it no matter how hard I tried. Today it’s the opposite.

Moral of the story:
We keep evolving to a new self daily. Grateful that I can notice these safe transitions. The sessions with Humna are healing and most enlightening. I’d recommend everyone to join.

Until then, celebrate yourself just as you are. You don’t know what the next moment holds for you. Stay present and instil gratitude in being to enjoy your own magic.

Amna Nawab

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