Transitions | Test of Faith

We are all in motion, with or without the awareness. We are changing by the second but as a human we are quick to believe - we know it all.

I’m often asked how I design?
I surrender to the unknown-
And trust me, I’ve found peace in ways unknown. I create knowing that my Creator will guide me. My test is my faith - which lies in the knowing that guidance will come ALWAYS. I have to be patient.

When does the guidance come?
It only comes when I action my efforts. I keep placing my fabric here and there. I refrain from resorting to external validation-. The solution is in my heart, I only have to silence the noise around me so I can listen.

How does my client understand this?
Most do, because only those who have silenced the noise around them can trust a human like me. I don’t share anything until it’s complete, even with my client. It is an exercise of trust for both parties 🤪😊

What I do is not for everyone. I respect that and have made peace with this. Does that stop me from creating? No! Because I find my faith in a new way each time I create with textiles.

This is a manifestation of my prayers. I prayed that my faith strengthens by doing what I love and I relive my faith each time I create.

Bringing grids on paper onto fabric..
Keep watching, this one has my heart.

Thank you Narjis aunty for trusting me with your treasures.

Amna Nawab
Thank you for trusting me.


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