Wild Flower

(Written on 28th Nov 2021 , Toronto)

Who is she?

She's untamed and wild at heart. 

She's a rose amongst the thorns, not scared to bleed because she only bleeds colour - A Wildflower


She tames herself as much as she can, but on the inside, she's a wilder than wild. The fire in her heart has the strength to illuminate the entire forest. 

The softness of her petals is her super power. She continues to spread the love as colour within her luscious soft petals, as love is all that she has.

Her free spirit keeps the forest dancing. It's time to celebrate her light.

Wild Flowers adapt and bloom whenever they want. See them sprout through the grey cement, reminding you that no matter how chaotic things get, the wildflower will spring up in the middle of nowhere.


Filament and a burst of colour! Celebrate the holidays in the warm hues of madder and ochres. Add to your spaces as a set of two or mix and match the Pollen Burst collection. 

My embroidery has found another way to add colour in your life. This one is an extra special. Let the wildflower, take over the grey.

Thank you for all your love and support for keeping my Y A Q E I N intact.

The Pollen Burst Collection is up on the website.


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