Writing - Prayer has Healing Powers

Regimented writing has always intimated me. Be it a school essay or a public speaking assignment. But I also know that when I understand something, it all comes naturally to me. I began to write from my heart on a day when I felt most trapped inside me, and haven’t we all felt that way? Without a plan or understanding, I wrote a few sentences to God about my inability to express. Within 5 sentences, I knew it was my own lack and fears of what would happen if I spoke the truth. My biggest gift was being alive and my own safety was bigger than any other need. I accepted my own need to find happiness in my life. My situation didn’t change but I knew it was the hardest to speak the truth! I was feeling stuck because I was tired of lying to myself that I was happy when I was most unhappy. This is everyone’s story but the choice to seek happiness is our own - not in our spouses, children, work or any other form of wealth. What did writing do? It helped me articulate my own thoughts. At the same time, I was also told that what if someone reads my personal story? Yes - the idea scared me!!! But I learnt that every time I think for myself, I’ll be told not to because of fears of the unknown.
My letters to God were for my Creator and it was His job to manage what I sent His way ❤️. It all became easy.

7 years later, I was asked to write my reflection about a workshop I conducted. Why? I didn’t ask, I just wrote and my writing made it to the newsletter. I’m at a loss of words on this. Thank you @ain_say_uzma for giving me space in your publication. I’m grateful. Wishing @maltonwomencouncil the very best to accomplish their goals.

I’ll share the full article in another post.
I know that I’m in a happier place than I was 7 years ago.
Self love changed it for me. I pray that Allah helps me overcome my own fears so I can witness His gifts every single day.

Amna Nawab


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