Feroza | one of a kind dupatta
Feroza | one of a kind dupatta
Feroza | one of a kind dupatta
Feroza | one of a kind dupatta

Feroza | one of a kind dupatta

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One of a Kind | Hand Embellished Dupatta

Creativity is a language and I found my healing and catharsis through fibre Art. Sharing baby steps towards ideas that seemed impossible. The key to bring change is consistency.

I’ve always loved traditional old school embroideries. What always caught my eye was the gold and silver mosaic like slivers of ribbon.

Gota refers to a special kind of ribbon in metallic shades of gold and silver which is cut in different motifs and then appliqued onto the base fabric. It gives the clothes a very ornate, lustrous, and rich look. Very elaborate designs can be made with the help of these beautifully shaped metallic discs. Geometric patterns were hand embellished onto silk fabric to create bridal outfits for women.

For my fascination with rich textiles, pleats, edging, gold and silver. I’ve created a small collection of one of a kind pieces that I’ve made by hand. From the hand sewn embellishments to the hand hemmed finished borders - I’ve done it all by hand. I’m enjoying my own creative journey and seeing how the only person standing between my fears and dreams is me.

I’ll share many more stories for my love of gota.

It’s a limited edition that will be available for purchase at 

I believe in miracles.

The best is yet to come.

I’m almost ready to share my handmade dupattas with you all.

Love and lots of gota,

Amna Nawab

Length: 3 yards with hand hemmed borders and appliqué.

Material: Assorted Gota with a mix of cotton threads, sitara based on Georgette dupatta as base with gold motifs.

All the embroidery and finishing is done by hand and the same design cannot be recreated. 

Gharara and shirt are NOT a part of the set but can be purchased separately.