Fibre Art Mindfulness Workshop

Fibre Art Mindfulness Workshop

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What is a Mindful workshop?

Mindfulness is a headspace, where one focuses on being intensely aware of what they are sensing and feeling in the moment. This state can only be reached when one isn’t pressured into building an interpretation or being slammed with a judgment. And this transition takes a while, so time is essential to gradually flow through each attendees individual pace.

The workshop will include nature walks to establish a connection with nature and link it to creativity. Next there will be a slow introduction to learn how to use inspiration to stir their own creative juices. I’ll guide them on how to be inspired and do a 1on1 (during the group session) to follow their own thoughts that show up along the exercise. The idea is to tap into imagination, in line with what they feel inspired by.

What do we need for this?

Showing up for yourself❤️

This is an in person session, with a welcome kit for first timers.


Eden Park 2,

277 South Park Road,

Thornhill, L3T0B7, ON

List of things:

  • A complimentary welcome “Individual material kit” will be provided to each attendee. Kit will include tools that can be used during all workshops. New materials and textile fibres  will be introduced and provided during class.
  • Textile materials will be available in bulk so all can pick in choose from a pool of fibres.
  • Snacks and refreshments will be available for all attendees throughout the workshop. We can’t create on an empty stomach. All snacks and eatables will be halal and nut free.
  • Time duration - 4 hours workshop with breaks and nature walk. It takes time to learn and absorb new information.
  • Drop off and pick up will be from the venue concierge. It is encouraged that parents plan their own activity during workshop as there is no waiting area provision insight.
  • Limited to 15 participants per session
  • Priced at $100 per participant (Materials and food included)
  • Late joiners will require to pay for full session.
  • Missed attendance due to any reason will be carried over to a spot in the next workshop scheduled for 1st week of May 2023.

Practicing mindfulness involves breathing methods, guided imagery, and other practices to relax the body and mind and help reduce stress.

This is just the beginning,

All set for the good times with lots of colour, texture and happiness.

Can’t wait to see you all,


Amna Nawab