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For this project, I’m my own craftsman, my own muse - in my own bedroom, as my own photographer.


Many say I should BLOG. Making efforts to consolidate my writings as blogposts at


As I thought of a caption for Zamarud, this is what came today…


I’m a typical woman, who loves clothes and jewellery. Back in the day, I also had a wardrobe full of outfits that I loved, although I didn’t enjoy wearing them as much as I would have liked to. Whatever I had, was one of the things I willingly surrendered to move towards the life, I chose for myself. Everyone who knew me then said “Why don’t they give you back all your belongings because they are after all yours. why don’t you ask for your clothes?”


I’ll be honest - I parted with everything monetary before I exited the situation. I’ve never missed anything for a second even, and I can’t thank

God enough for blessing me with peace in my heart. But yes, my love for traditional clothes grew stronger. Today I know I had beautiful clothes but my heart was always in a state of unrest. I also had to learn that happiness wasn’t proportional to your prized possessions.


Every time I began a new piece, my heart guided me to think bigger. Same time last year, despite all hindrances, I knew I was ready to make these traditional dupattas with a twist, that was my own madness 🤪. I create as I embroider. My eyes balanced the design but I followed my will to progress just as I felt like. My win was to create pallus of the same dupatta that were different but looked the same. I was able to achieve it 🙏🏽. Allah is mehrbaan.


I love ghararas - flared pants with gathers around the knees. The simplicity of folds is the richest element of the outfit with the dupatta stealing the show. The elaborate margins are strips of yardage that I’ve cut off from fabric to hand hem as borders. No machine work is done on the dupatta as it takes away from finesse of the piece.


Allah showed me a way to create a wardrobe that I loved and He also showed me ways to share what I like with the rest of the world.


Thank you for all the appreciation for my work. It means a lot to me.

Many thanks

Amna Nawab

















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